Community Center

Background Information

Friday, May 21st, 2004 was a sad day for most Hannaford residents. The doors to the Hannaford School were closed for the last time for school children attending classes. Many tears were shed and a lot of memories were reminisced.

The City of Hannaford took ownership of the school building on June 1st, 2004. The building is now the new community center.

A board has now been formed to oversee the facility.

Current Board Members:

»Richard Wahl, President

»Curt Beattie, Vice President

»Jon Goplen, Secretary

»Jill Haugen, Treasurer

»Lynn Haugen, Director

»Justin Campbell, Director

Facility Rental Rates

The Hannaford Community Center can be rented for wedding dances, birthday parties, receptions, church services, etc. The rental area consists of a cafeteria, kitchen, and the gymnasium.

The rates are as follows to rent the facility:
Cafeteria only $25.00
Cafeteria and kitchen $50.00
Cafeteria, kitchen, and the gym $200.00

If alcohol is served, the rental fee is $300, and law enforcement must be hired.
If you have questions, or to rent the facility, please call 701.769.2218.

Fitness Center

The Hannaford Community Fitness Center opened on February 15th, 2010, and is located in the Hannaford Business Center.  Membership Rates are $30.00 per month for single, and $50 per month for family (gymnasium access included in membership fees).  The Center has 24 hour access if you are a member, and participates in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Reimbursement Program.

Access to the Gymnasium:

Daily Fee:  $5.00

Monthly Fee: $25

Business Suite Rentals

There are two business suites available for rent in the Hannaford Business Center that are approximately 750 square feet, and are located 2 blocks off main street. The rental rate is $330 per month.
For more information, contact Jill Haugen at 701.769.2218 or

Business Center

The Hannaford Business Center opened in June of 2010 in the north wing of the Community Center.  Businesses in this wing include the Hannaford Economic and Community Development Corporation, Advantage Insurance, and the Hannaford Fitness Center.

There are two office suites available for rent in the Hannaford Business Center. The suites are approximately 750 square feet and the rental fee is $330 per month. If you are interested, please call 701.769.2218.


The newly remodeled Hannaford Library is located at the Hannaford Community Center, and is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Watch for details on upcoming classes (knitting, crochet, etc.) and “evenings to work on your projects” coming in January in the Hannaford Library.