Faith Lutheran Church

Faith Lutheran Church is located 1 block off main street to the west in Hannaford. In 1992, Faith Lutheran Church became a part of Tri-County Ministry. Eight area congregations were without a pastor, and the synod office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America suggested we try a yoked ministry. It was not an easy decision, however; we were breaking new ground in the Lutheran Churches throughout the US. Worship Services are held at 11:15 am each Sunday, with Sunday School starting at 10:00 am.

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Union Lutheran Church

Union Lutheran Church is located 6 miles east and 1 mile north of Hannaford. In 1924, Union, Eidfjord, St Olaf and Hannaford became a parish. Before that, it was Union, Ness and Lund as a parish. In 1959, Hannaford Congregation was granted a release from the Hannaford Parish. This resulted in the formation of the Trinity Parish of Union, St. Olaf and Eidfjord which are still a parish as of now.

Union celebrated its 100th anniversary with a two-day celebration June 16-17, 1984 with several former pastors present. The church is still active with ELC Womens Aid, Family League and Sunday School.